Monday, 23 June 2014

Kannya turns 6 at Matruchaya, Goa!

As a tradition that we began with the birth of Kannya – our bundle of joy for last 6 years, we celebrated her birthday with kids of her age, who, unfortunately were deprived of parents by the destiny. Like every year, Kannya was excited to spend her special day with these kids who were special for us, and we ought to make this a custom.
Kannya with all smiles set to cut the cake
Something about Matruchaya...
Matruchaya located in a small town in Goa, Ponda, better known for its temples, is a home for destitute, abandoned or orphaned children.
The organization is working untiringly for last 35 years for the welfare of such children. The orphanage which houses two separate units for girls and boys was started way back in 1976. It is recognized by Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and promotes adoption, by which the children can have their own home.
We made an effort to bring smiles to them...
It houses about 50 girls and 25 boys, aged between 5 to 18. The 4 cute toddlers brought to this place because of various circumstances, are showered with tender love by all the occupants of the home.
It offers schooling and all other basic necessities for these kids.
It was learnt that Matruchaya takes care of the girls until they are of marriageable age and also offers to get them married and settled in life.
Matruchhaya - where Matru means Mother and Chaya means Shelter – is a true home for these unfortunate children.
We enjoyed the little good time that we spent with the kids
Events & donations
  • The organization is open to activities like Birthday celebrations and accepts donations/help in any form.
  • Such events can be organized only between 5pm to 6pm with prior appointment with the Matruchaya office. 
  • Only 5 members of group/family are allowed to join the function. 
  • The donor can learn more about the organization from the in-charge and other office staff.
  • The staff is happy to show you around the home for you to have a glance at the toddlers and play with kids.
  • It is suggested to check with office on the items in shortage, before any donations are made.
  • The office provides a receipt with complete details of donations.
  • It was learnt that there are many donors who have subscribed for lifetime donations/supplies of groceries/books/other household items.
Some girly stuff that brought smiles to their faces
Office Contact:
You can reach the office on +91 832 2312152/ 3142.
We did whatever little we could for this noble cause…what are you waiting for?
My parents joined us for this noble cause

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  1. Its always a lot easier to say rather than do... and you have done it!
    There is no doubt that its for a noble cause and should ideally be implemented by all...Keep doing the good work and inspiring others. Thanks!!