Thursday, 7 January 2016

H2O Agonda - Surprisingly nice package!

Being a local Goan, I usually do not try options with beach huts in Goa, as we know they are primarily meant to cater foreign and few domestic clients, however, this one I must admit, was a very good experience I had in a very long time.

Location: In the small fishing village of Agonda, in the quiet and serene lap of Agonda Beach.

Rooms/Ambience: There are 3 types of accommodation available: Garden cottages - which are nice, but internal garden facing, no sea view.

Sea view beach huts - Each cottage has it's own front balcony and face the beach with a perfect view of the Arabian Sea!

Tents - didn't check this option

Rooms are equipped with basic needs Bed, AC, wardrobe and washroom, 2 water bottles, Toilet paper. No TV, wi-fi, telephone in the room. Breakfast not included in cost.

The USP of the rooms is the view. There is an amazing experience we had here - an open air washroom! At the back side of your room, you need to climb down a few stairs which open into a box kind of area, covered with wooden tall walls, with no-roof which makes it an airy, natural washroom! Innovative, in-deed.

Beach cottages are right in front of the sea and one can wake up to the sound and view of waves hitting the shore.

Restaurant/Bar: Serves nice and tasty food, specialty Seafood and traditional Goan cuisine. Offers wine, cocktails and of course chilled beer which one can enjoy watching an endless sea.

What to do? For us, with the sea in front, we had absolutely nothing planned to do, other than relaxing in the couch or on the havoc and enjoy the serene natural gift by God. One can easily spend the evening just watching the sea and the sun set, besides you can take long walks, swim, play relax in the sand, (sun-bathe, not advisable in case you are not a white) or just enjoy a chilled beer at the restaurant, which is again sea-facing.

Itinerary: We had checked-in just for a night, since we traveled from Goa, we arrived at the place by 12 noon, checked-in, freshened up and straight headed to their restaurant. The place was almost empty as it was approaching off-season. We ordered a sizzler, cheese garlic naan and some Beers. Post lunch, we relaxed at the cottage, awaiting for the sun to set. Once, the heat was less and the breeze was out, we went to the beach, while I went for a swim, my daughter enjoyed playing in the sand. We returned to our rooms around dinner time and freshened up with a nice hot shower. Later we took a stroll outside the H2O premises to get a glimpse of night at the village and had dinner at a busy joint, famous for serving good food. Day-2, we asked for coffee and breakfast to be served at the room and checked out straight after that as the day would have been quite boring just being at the cottage, as we would not want to step out because of hot sun/humidity. Of course, spa was the option but we left it out.

Definitely try and stay here next time if, you are in Goa as you can't beat the location.So just leave everything aside and enjoy the moment at H2O Agonda!

Reservation : Though online reservation was available, I decided to drive to the place for a direct check-in. Of course, I called the hotel and informed them and they were happy to hold a room for me.

C-in/c-out: 10 AM.
Parking: Available

Price: Reasonable, I would say. Rooms cost us INR 3000/- and the meals about another INR 1000.

Tip: Power problems, hence AC will trip often.

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